At Bucks County Psychological, our objective is to empower you to achieve whatever goals you choose by being of help in any way that we can. This aligns with our core values of collaboration, compassion, commitment, and service.

To achieve these objectives we offer flexible therapy approaches that are tailored around your individual concerns. Whether it's solution-oriented therapy meant to help you problem-solve challenging situations or methods to clarify and understand the origins of how you think, feel, and relate to others, we're looking to create the best therapeutic fit. In addition to individual therapy, we also offer couples and family therapy depending on our your style or preference.  

Starting with the first telephone consultation, we’ll quickly explore what your options are and the best way to pursue them moving forward.  Below are many of the strategies and therapeutic techniques  that we employ to help people move forward. Also feel free to email us at DrCoren@BucksPsych.com

Cognitive Behavaioral Therapy
Psychodynamic Therapy
Family Therapy Couples Therapy

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT suggests that thinking colors our emotions and influences our behavior. As a result, when our thoughts become distorted, pessimistic, or self-defeating we tend to experience problematic emotions (e.g., depression, anxiety) and behaviors (e.g., isolating, arguing). A major focus of CBT is to help people identify unproductive patterns of thinking/acting, evaluate healthier alternatives, and implement these new ways of functioning moving forward. To learn more, check out this link.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy assists people's exploration of how their past experience has influenced their present behavior. It focuses on the psychological “roots” of our emotional concerns by examining unresolved conflicts or problematic relationships. It can be an open-ended process where a person has the freedom and safety to better understand complicated experiences from earlier on in their lives while helping them to develop the internal resources to effectively manage those feelings.  

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Problem-Solving Therapy (PST)

PST helps people manage stressful, challenging situations by learning effective problem solving and solution implementation skills. A variety of strategies are used 1) to identify/clarify what the exact problem is, 2) to brainstorm options for how to manage the problem, 3) to develop effective ways to choose an option that's been brainstormed, 4) to identify what barriers might prevent you from using that solution, and finally 5) to implement/verify the effectiveness of the solution.

Evidence Based Drug and Alcohol Therapy

Treating drug and alcohol use, misuse, abuse or dependence requires methods that are grounded in research and that provide a safe supportive environment for people to explore the effects of their use. Strategies might include cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, problem-solving therapy and relapse prevention to help people to explore their ambivalence about their current pattern of use and to make specific changes to manage this moving forward. We also offer Vivitrol and Suboxone Education.

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Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is a form of risk management that helps people identify and stop high-risk behaviors like drug and alcohol use, compulsive eating, or gambling. Therapists first assist clients in identifying triggers or high-risk situations like the people, places, things, thoughts, emotions or situations that might ignite cravings/impulses to act in counterproducitve way. We then help clients anticipate and prepare to meet those high-risk situations by developing coping strategies.

Couples & Family Therapy

One of the limitations of individual therapy is that therapists are only hearing one side of the story and that we don't have the benefit of seeing how people interact with others. Couples/family therapy emphasizes relationships as an important factor in psychological health. These approaches help to recalibrate conflict by working on communication skills, negotiating differences in point of view, problem-solving challenging situations, and even arguing in a healthier way.

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Public Speaking and Educational Workshops

Bucks County Psychological is often asked to speak for communities and organizations on diverse topics that include addiction, management of mood disorders, and improving upon relationships. If you're origanization would like us to speak on a particular topic related to mental health or addiction, feel free to contact us.  

Motivational Interviewing (MI)

MI is a person-centered, non-confrontational method of helping people to explore and resolve the uncertainties they might have about making positive changes moving forward. The relationship between a therapist and client is seen as a partnership and people are encouraged to articulate the barriers that have prevented them from changing problematic behaviors that might include overeating, difficulties exercising, or even drug & alcohol use. To elarn more, click here.

BCP offers the following therapy services:

-Individual Therapy

-Marital/Couples/Family Therapy

-Group Therapy

-Addiction Treatment

-Alcohol Moderation Consultations

-Addiction Medicine Education

We specialize in treating:

-Mood Disorders (depression/anxiety)

-Relationship/marital conflict

-Work related stress

-Substance Abuse/Dependence

-Grief, Loss, Trauma

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"Chris is an intellect with a keen understanding of not only how to build a therapeutic rapport with patients, but also,  allowing for an environment that promotes patient healing and growth."

Todd Woldoff

Outpatient Therapist

"Dr. Coren's empathetic nature combined with his exceptional clinical skills make him in my opinion, one of the top tier addictions-specialist psychologists in the Bucks County area."

Jyosthna Bhat

Clinical Psychologist

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