Bucks County Psychological is a premier psychology practice located in Doylestown and Washington Crossing, PA offering individual therapy, couples/family counseling, and addiction consultation services to the Bucks County community. Our therapy staff is composed of Clinical Psychologists, Couple/Family Therapists, and Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselors whose role is to partner with you in whatever change you're seeking and to customize a plan to see it through.

"Our therapists specialize in treating the

whole person, not just their problem."

Whether it's to understand and resolve complicated relationships at home, to better manage stress caused or affected by work, to overcome difficult emotions like depression or anxiety, or to safely and nonjudgmentally explore the effects of drug and alcohol use on their lives--we're here to help.


      Our Doylestown and Washington Crossing psychologists, therapists , and counselors work with intelligent, high-functioning clients who can expect therapy to be tailored around their unique needs and circumstances. We respect your freedom of choice during the therapeutic process and provide you with treatment options throughout the course of therapy.

"Depending on your style or preference in dealing with problems,

we will calibrate our therapy methods to achieve the best fit for YOU. "

This might range from exploratory strategies that seek to identify patterns in thinking or behavior to those that are solution-focused in addressing specific challenges.

Whether you are an executive, medical professional, business owner, or discerning parent who wants the best for their children, Bucks County Psychological is here to help. Check out our therapy services page to learn more about the therapy services we offer.

      The first step in scheduling a therapy appointment begins with a free 10-minute telephone consultation with one of our psychologists, therapists, or counselors. During this call, we'll ask you to briefly describe your concerns and give you an opportunity to 1) ask any questions about our expertise in treating your problem, 2) learn more about the background of any of our therapists, and 3) discuss any financial and scheduling questions you might have. Once you feel we are the right fit, the next step is to set up an initial assessment appointment.

"Unlike other practices,we'll strive to have an appointment set up within 72 hours of an initial phone consult."

We will send you assessment paperwork by email in advance of the session so no time is wasted in-session completing forms. What also makes us unique is that we are very responsive and you will have direct access to us through telephone, email, and text.

Whatever your concern, we look forward to help in any way that we can. Give us a call at 215-817-0190 or email us at DrCoren@BucksPsych.com to see if we are the right fit!


For the 4-5 years that I have known Dr. Coren, he has always demonstrated the work of a clinical psychologist at its best. Polished, clinically sound, compassionate and. . . read more

Dr. Coren has a unique ability to connect with even the most resistant clients.  He makes them feel understood while helping them to make. . . read more

Rayvann Kee Jr, PsyD, MBA

Emily Chaffin, PsyD

Dr Coren is a clinician with a strong sense of purpose which is supported by immense competence and a proven track record. . . read more

Seth Dennis, PsyD, MEd

Dr. Coren demonstrates both excellent clinical sense and genuine empathy for his clients.  I would not hesitate to recommend him or to refer a client to his services.

Dana Harron, PsyD

phone: 215-817-0190

fax: 1-866-936-1909

email: DrCoren@BucksPsych.com

10 S Clinton St, #207, Doylestown, PA 18901

Bucks County Psychological

    I have had the pleasure to be associated with Dr. Coren as a professional psychologist. He and I. . . read more

Phil Pellegrino, PsyD, ABPP

I have been a close colleague of Chris DiOrio for over 3 years, and feel grateful to. . . read more

Megan Schroeder, LPC

I have had the honor and pleasure to have known and worked with Maura Farrell over. . .  read more

Kayla DonFrancesco, MS

    Maura Farrell’s kindness and genuine compassion for others can be felt immediately upon meeting her. Her understanding and easy-going nature helps others to. . . read more

Holly Danial, MS, PsyD Candidate


Dr. Coren is an outstanding psychologist. He is personally engaging, highly skilled in his area of expertise and. . . read more

Eric Weinstein, PsyD

Maura Farrell Therapist
Chad Coren Psychologist

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Dr. Chad Coren


Maura Farrell


phone: 267-884-9600

fax: 1-866-936-1909

email: DrCoren@BucksPsych.com

1105 Taylorsville Rd #314, Washington Crossing, PA 18977

Chris DiOrio



          You might have asked yourself how it got this far or how much farther it can go? Who have I become or who am I becoming? Questions like these are difficult to answer on our own. Sometimes how we think and feel work against our ability to move forward. It's moments like these, when we're feeling stuck, that we can reach out for help.

Imagine being able to explore your problems without fear or judgment. The opportunity to express your concerns without interuption and to feel completely understood. What if there were someone whose singular role was to assist you in overcoming your challenges? Welcome to Bucks County Psychological.

Chris DiOrio Counselor
Therapy near me

Chris DiOrio is an excellent clinician who see not only the heart of the issue, but also the heart of the person involved.

Adam Ranjo, MA, CAADC


-Depression, Self-Esteem

-Confidence Building

-Drug & Alcohol Misuse, Addiction

-Panic, Anxiety Disorders

-Bipolar Mood Disorder

-PTSD, Trauma Disorders

-Couples/Family Conflict

-Grief Loss


-Individual, Couple, Family Therapy

-Grief/Loss & Trauma Therapy, EMDR

-Relationship Conflict Therapy

-Drinking Moderation Consults

-Substance Abuse Evaluations

-Addiction Medicine Education

-Section 17 Evaluations

-Therapy for ARD

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